Job Description

and Skillset Required:
Analyse, gather and select valid sources of information (both internal and external) to determine market characteristics, measurement of market potential, market share analysis and sales analysis of products and services
Responsible for the development and recommendation of marketing tactics and strategies through primary and secondary research
Responsible for external marketing research, data extraction, list or lead generation
Collect information from various locations on the Internet such as forums and review websites
Design questionnaires / topic guides a range of research projects, i.e. CATI, CAWI
Studies conducted on industries like Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Finance and more using Telephone and CATI methodology
Excellent in spoken English and proficient with Microsoft Office
Primarily responsible for telephonic research and data collection in US and UK
Proficiency with MS Office and Windows, expert Excel user a plus
Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Organization and time management skills
Ability to manage multiple, multi-faceted projects and deadlines
Strong interpersonal skills, characterised by being able to work with others, readily accepting constructive comments, and willingness to learn.
Strong degree of creativity is a plus.
Ability to read and understand public financial statements and proficient in developing financial models in excel.
Market Research Analyst
Industry Type
Market Research
Employment Type
Full Time, Permanent
Any Graduate/ Postgraduate / Freshers

Skills Required

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